With the NDIS Jack is “skyrocketing ahead”

Name: Jack Bloch
Age: 5
Location: Perth Hills

Thanks to the National Disability Insurance Scheme’s (NDIS) focus on early intervention, five-year-old West Australian Jack Bloch is “skyrocketing ahead” with his speech, writing, recognition and motor skills, so much so he is now age appropriate and able to exit the Scheme.

Jack joined the NDIS two years ago at age three, and proud parents Bree and David said catching his developmental delays early has made a massive difference to how their son now functions – like every other child his age!

“As first-time parents we didn’t know which way to go,” Bree said. “We didn’t know what Jack needed or what he didn’t need, so having the NDIS there to help us develop an action plan, then review it, to see if he had developed or if he needed extra help, was great.”

The couple said the range of NDIS registered therapists they could engage was huge.

“In the old system, contacts were limited and it’s hard to get in but being a part of the NDIS, we actually got access to a lot of services, and we got to choose which one we wanted – Therapy Focus – and they were just fantastic.

“Now Jack is five. He’s in pre-primary and doing really well, and thanks to regular speech and occupational therapies, he has skyrocketed ahead with his speech and writing and recognition skills, and he’s up to speed with his gross motor skills.

“Jack’s teachers are really happy with him too,” Bree said. “And being able to show them his NDIS plan on paper made a world of difference.

“Last year we showed his kindy teacher what we needed to do to get him up to speed. She was so supportive. She put activities in place and even got involved with his therapists!”

Bree said this year, Jack’s pre-primary teachers are just as enthusiastic.

“They saw his plan and they’ve put activities in place to make sure he maintains where he needs to be. His teachers also said what they’ve been able to implement in the classroom for Jack not only helps other children, it also helps better educate them.

“We’re actually really thankful for the support we’ve been able to receive and now Jack’s functioning at an age appropriate level, he can be signed out from the NDIS!

“We thought we would have a much longer road ahead of us but it just goes to show early interventions do make an incredible difference in a child’s life,” Bree said.

“It is an absolutely incredible result for Jack, and for us as a family, but on the other hand it’s a bit sad in a way. We’ve been working with the NDIS and Therapy Focus for the past two years. They’ve been a big part of our lives, they’ve become like family and we will miss that contact.

“Even though Jack has exited the NDIS, I’ve been reassured if we ever need help again, the Scheme is always there, and that is very reassuring,” Bree said.


Jack Bloch

Jack Bloch