Overview of therapy programs 

We have experienced staff including Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, Speech Pathologists, Allied Health Assistants and Disability Support Workers, who help people with disabilities and their families by:

Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy

  • Listening to and strengthening families by offering information and support to find out about their child's disability and needs

  • Support at the time of diagnosis

  • Support the inclusion of people with a disability in their everyday environments

  • Formal and informal family support, including emotional support – there is always someone to talk to

  • Therapy assessments and programs at our base, as well as the person’s natural environment. This encourages the development of real-life skills to be meaningfully included in life

  • Flexible services to schools, early education centres, parents/carers and children to improve educational access and outcomes via individualised educational and developmental programs

  • Information and support for:

    • School readiness and smooth transitions into school settings

    • connecting with other parents, service providers and the local community

  • Support, information and professional development for carers/teachers especially those experiencing important transitions and/or lack of experience

  • Provision of alternative and meaningful programs catering for individual needs e.g. specialist equipment and technology options

  • Networking with families and other organisations to strengthen community ties and provide a value for money service


We offer a range of programs for eligible people. These include:

  • Early Intervention programs (OT, Physio and SLP) for children with disabilities, suspected disabilities or a developmental delay who are under 7 years of age and have an NDIS ECEI plan

  • Individual, small and large group OT/SLP/Physio programs for school aged children with disabilities

  • Individual or small group programs for 18-65 years with a disability who have an NDIS plan

  • Prescription of modifications and specialized equipment to assist people to function within their environments